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A month ago I started a music playlist (iZem_Fm Shuffle Radio) across different streaming platforms. I promised I would feed it with new music on a regular basis. So this is my monthly selection. I wrote a few comments on these songs (see below). A bit like a radio show… Without the bla bla bla. Also I made a separate playlist for that current selection only (without the older songs) under the name iZem_Fm New Music. Enjoy! Feedback & comments always welcome! Which ones did you enjoy the most?


The sound of Cape Verdean funaná music is familiar to anyone who’s been hanging around the bohemian Lisbon night life. With incredible music collectors and dj’s such as Celeste Mariposa and many others, there’s hardly any Lisbon party I’ve been to that doesn’t have its funaná sequence. There has been a number of interesting compilation covering the topic and this brand new one by Ostinatto Records is more focused on the 90’s sound. Fast-paced percussion, accordeon riffs and contagious vocals is the recipe to get the crowd moving!

MASEGO - Queen Tings (Santi Remix)

I heard Masego’s name around but I never explored his music much. I came across this one during a Soulection radio show and was instantly moved by the contagious chorus vocals and sax lines as well as the brilliant beat.

ACID ARAB - Staifia (feat. Radia Menel)

I have followed acid arab for a number of years now. First impressed by their dj sets and radio shows, I also enjoyed their effort to blend electronic and arabic / middle eastern influences as producers. I still have to listen more to their new album but this one is the first that caught my attention. Algerian vocalist Radia Menel is on point and the hypnotic beat and flute reminds of Oran music and rai heritage.

O TERNO - Eu Vou + Atrás / Além + Bielzinho / Bielzinho

O Terno is one of those from-another-planet type artist that only Brazil is capable of producing. Their last album only has incredible songs. Beautiful songwriting, mindblowing production…. It’s already their 4th album in 7 years and their progression has been really impressive. It’s almost impossible to pick a favourite song on this album as they are all so different and so well crafted. Beatles-level artistry!

LORENA BLUME - Cuchara Chueca

Lorena is a young promising singer songwriter from Peru. I don’t know much about her except she has a fantastic vocal timbre and some of her compositions are really catchy. Looking forward to hear more from her. 

BURNA BOY - Anybody + Collateral Damage

I don’t know anybody in my music geek friends who isn’t obssesed with Nigerian singer Burna Boy. The first song I discovered of his was ‘Gbona'. My pastime became playing the song to those who didn’t know it and watch their head start nodding and a smile show up on their face. Burna is a huge commercial success and became a global star yet his music sounds fresh and surprising in many aspects.

JOSYARA - Engenho da Dor + Iara Correnteza

Josyara is one the most exciting Brazilian artists I have heard in recent times. She plays the guitar, sings and writes like like no one. I heard her 2018 album ‘Mansa Furia’ a lot in the recent months and I had the chance to record a track with her which I obviously included in the playlist!


I have first heard Chancha’s music back in 2008 when I was living in the Buenos Aires suburbs and going to the ZZK night on Thursdays in Niceto. Chancha is definitely one of the most gifted producers of that ‘New Cumbia’ scene and he has been consistently delivering brilliant music since then. I particularly love the beat and the bass of this song selected. 

LA LÁ - Bebés + Entera

The whole universe should be listening to La la. I have been rinsing and re-rinsing this ‘Zamba Puta’ album and I can’t get tired of it. It’s already a couple of years old and this is supposed to be a new music playlist but i have been so excited about this album that I couldn’t write this list without including her.  

DUDA BEAT - Bixinho + Todo Carinho

My friends of venga venga introduced me to Duda’s beat music and her album has been on repeat since then. It looks like she is buzzing a lot in Brazil and I’m not surprised. Her whole character, the songs, the production… everything fits so well together. This one is another album that I had a really hard time picking a favourite track. So I picked two. 


Rafael Aragon is a French producer and a Dj whom I shared the stage with a few times in the last few years.  Apart from being a really cool guy he releases some brilliant music, often influenced by North African and Middle Eastern sounds. This one is co-written by Hungarian producer Stas, whom I had never heard of before. If you like this one, check Rafael’s brilliiant gnawa-juke track ‘Aza Djoula’ as well.

WADO - Alabama + Mistérios

Wado’s album ‘Ivete’ has been on repeat in the last few months. Somehow I was convinced it was a recent release when in fact it's a 2016 album. That didn’t keep me from inserting 2 songs in this ’new music’ playlist!  Another album full of catchy and intelligent compositions, interesting hibryd indie-rock-meets-afro-brazilian sound. Now I have to catch up with his 10+ other albums…

NEGO GALLO - Downtown

I am a sucker for this rap / reggae crossover. And when it comes from northeastern Brazil (Fortaleza) and the MC is as convincing as Nego Gallo, I can’t avoid but playing it in loop!  I didn’t explore as much of his album as I got stuck on this song but he is an artist well worth checking out.

MARCELO JENECI . O Seu Amor Sou Eu + Melodia da Noite

Probably my favourite songs on this list. I had heard Marcelo’s name around without ever having a chance to listen to his music. Until I dove in his new album ‘Guaia' and stopped everything I was doing when the first chords of ‘O seu amor so eu’ hit  followed by ‘Melodia da Noite’. Two masterpieces!  


You won’t hear much instrumental electronic in my playlists but Matias Aguayo’s music is one of the few exceptions. His Crammed Discs release has all the rhythmic richness that most trendy electronic music lacks. Beautiful sound design, very impressive music all the way. 


Another 2017 release I can’t help but adding to this playlist. Sofian Saidi wrote the rai music album I have been wanting to hear for years. Beautiful songwriting, singing and jazz-funk influenced instrumentation. We want more! 


I have been exploring this brand new Enchufada release in depth and I loved the mixed of electronic rhythm and live percussion. Another very consistent act from the afro-latin inspired electronic music scene that I have been happy to witness the perseverance and evolution.

LUCAS SANTTANA - Não Vamos nos Desgrudar Nunca Mais + Seu Pai

Lucas Santtana has also been delivering consistent brilliant music for the last 10+ years. On his new album he took a more old-school approach to production, with most songs being guitar and voice only. My ear got hooked on two of those song at first listen. I added those the this playlist, heard them dozens of times since and still don't get tired!


I had the chance to work with Ben, sax player, music director and producer of the last two Pat Thomas records on a project for Guts. Out of the all the current production of Afrobeat and Highlife records, Pat Thomas music is always one step ahead in terms of musicianship and quality of arrangements. 


One of the first Mexican acts I ever playlisted! I’m not sure how I discovered them but I was seduced by their lean funky sound, nice falsettos and vocal harmonies. 


New album by Lisbon-based, Holland-born Cape Verdean global star, Nelson Freitas. A few bangers on the album but I had to pick this one as the title means ‘Early Morning’.