_I released a track featuring Brazilian singer Josyara

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⁣Working with Josyara was such a refreshing experience… She is one of the most talented singer, guitar player and composer I ever had the chance to work with. She is based in São Paulo but she came to Lisbon last June for a few weeks. I heard her playing an intimate gig in Valsa bar and I was totally blown away… I got in touch and offered to try and do a track together. She accepted and we locked ourselves in the studio a couple of days after (on the day of my birthday). And this song is the result!⁣

Press Release

"Hailing from Juazeiro in the State of Bahia in Brazil, Josyara is one of the most enticing voices of a new Brazilian generation. At 28 years old, she has already released two albums deeply rooted in the tradition of the greatest Brazilian musicians (Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Maria Bethânia and Gilberto Gil) and in the sounds of the sertão region. Constantly searching for new musical experiences, she offers us in Iara Correnteza a single with electronic accents, produced by French beatmaker iZem this summer in Lisbon. 

Iara is the name of her grandmother, but it is also the name of a divine, mythological figure: a mermaid whose unmatched beauty bewitches whoever engages with her. Josyara finds herself enchanted by this voice stemming from the depths of the rivers and invites her to explore the magic powers of fresh waters. This song is both an ode to nature and to the Rio São Francisco, two elements that have marked the life and the horizon for the singer, as well as a mystical reflexion about life. The water represents an anthem to the quest for balance, an invitation to contemplation, to indulgence, an echo to our internal meandering. 

“Iara Correnteza” is, at last, an encounter between the globe-trotting producer iZem, a bridge crossing between the Brazilian folklore on one hand and the electro-acoustic aesthetic on the other. This first song also launches the new French label Elis Records, based in Lisbon and co-founded by iZem himself as well as Lekin, co-founder of the Parisian and pioneer webradio Le Mellotron."