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I have so much music to share… and it’s been a good couple of years since I've done a radio show.  I decided I would build my own extensive playlist on streaming platforms and add the new music i discover on a regular basis. This first batch contains 1000+ songs that are basically the soundtrack of my life. From editing analog tapes in radio stations when I was 15, to learning to make beats to playing the guitar in bands, to releasing my own music, to collaborating with some of my favourite artists... This playlist follows my path through the countries I’ve lived in and the cultures I have been exposed to. Expect some of my Groovalizacion Radio years classics, some of my DJ set go-to’s (although I focused mainly on home-listening music) and an insight into the songs I sing under the shower. This first shipment will remain the backbone of the playlist and the idea is to feed it with new music every month. So stay tuned!!! *siren sound*