_My new single featuring K.O.G is out

The story started in an estate in Chelas, a neighbourhood in Lisbon. My friend Léon Brichard (Ill Considered, Wildflower,  Ex-Ibibio Sound Machine) had brought his analogue studio from London to Lisbon and was based in an apartment in this area. I went there a few times to write some music with him. During one of these sessions, Léon came up with that catchy riff on the double bass. It clicked for me straight away so I got him to record the same phrase on other instruments, including on the Wurlitzer keyboard he had in his studio. I used this riff sample for the live show I put together when I released my “Hafa” album, back in 2016. We were playing it as the intro theme of the set. 

One day I was opening for Afriquoi in London and I heard K.O.G’s voice during the soundcheck. He was doing a guest appearance and his vocal talent struck me straight away. We had a chat after the gig and I could sense he as well had been impressed by the beats I had been playing in my live show. I sent him a few of those via his manager, Andre Marmot, and he recorded some vocals from his hometown of Sheffield. When I heard the chorus he had recorded on this beat I had made out of Léon’s riff, I jumped to the roof. It was catchy as hell. 

After going back and forth between Lisbon and Sheffield to get the right vocal take, I was almost there. Benoit Crauste, a Parisian sax player who hangs out often in Lisbon, added the last touch of magic. He had been part of my live band so he knew the underlying beat very well. He improvised on it for a while and I kept the sax phrase I needed for the bridge. I sent this tune to the French producer Guts - who was starting a sub-label of Heavenly Sweetness. He fell in love with the song, flew me to Paris to get the track mixed by Mr Gib at One Two Pass It studios, mastered the song in the same week and put it out on vinyl via his imprint. The song has been playlisted on Radio Nova almost since its release. It is a big deal to me because Nova is one of the radios that helped me build my music culture when I was a teenager.