_My new single is out!

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I had been mainly playing DJ sets on stage for the last 10 years but lately I decided i wanted to try and perform my own beats. I started with a 4-piece band first and then on my own with a more compact ableton set up. I first reworked the songs of my album “Hafa” to adapt them to a live set. As I started adding new elements, loops and samples in the mix, some new compositions took shape. Those were much more electronic and club-oriented than my previous releases as they were created to be played out at festivals and late-night gigs.

Some of those club gigs have been shared with the Lisbon-based Enchufada crew (Branko, Rastronaut, Dotorado Pro, PEDRO…) and they mentioned early on that they would be interested in releasing some of my new beats. I was really flattered by this offer as I had been following and playing out music from their label for the last 10 years. This was the final boost I needed to finish a brand new EP: “Beni Lane”. It is out at the end of june and the first single is out now on Enchufada!

Artwork by Aimée