_Free Download - My remix of Solange

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Solange’s 2016 album has been on heavy rotation in the last couple of years and those songs will for ever remind me of the good and bad times of that period of my life. Solange’s words “Drink it away / Dance it away / Work it away / Sexed it away / Read it away” on that minimal groove still resonate deep in my chest. So when I heard some individual tracks of “Cranes in the Sky” being broadcast in an episode of the song exploder podcast, I sampled the acapella bits and the synth harp to play them in my live set. The result got such a positive crowd reaction that it finally convinced me to finish this remix and share it with the world. The remix was premiered on Gilles Peterson’s BBC radio show last week-end and got positive reviews from all around the world. It is now available as a free download. Enjoy and share!

Artwork by Aimée // Cello by Yu Linn Humm