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I lived in Dublin for a good few years and I used to run a night called Dublin Tropical in which guys like Mick T-Woc and Jeremy Murphy would bring their latest tropical crate-digging finds. One of the tunes that Jeremy Murphy would rinse at our party was this "Mistura de Carimbó Com Ciranda" by Pinduca. Once, Mick stayed at my place in Lisbon and he had found another copy of the record in the suburbs at an old lady's place. I thought I would try and extend it and add a bit of extra percussion. Technically I didn't "warp" it, meaning that I didn't try and make it fit on a beatgrid. I just played the extra kick and percussion along the record instead of forcing the record into a given bpm. It was released to promote my DJ set at Emile Omar's "Tropical Discoteq" party and has since been rinsed in many other parties!

link to the original song