_Elza Soares gets the iZem remix treament

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I don't recall the exact tracklist of my first ever DJ set but I do remember two of the highlights of the night: Celia Cruz's "Dos Jueyes" and Elza Soares' "Mas Que Nada". I was 22 and we were at a international students residence in South Paris where my girlfriend at the time was residing. Since then, Elza Soares and this song occupy a very special place in my heart. Seeing her on stage during Recife Carnival back in 2008 only made this feeling bigger.

When I first heard her last album, the very successful "Mulher do Fim do Mundo,” it took me a while to enter its dark and bitter aesthetics, but I was really impressed by the social impact some of those songs had in Brazil. O Canal wasn't an easy song to remix and instead of rewriting the rhythm and structure as I usually do, I chose to strip it down instead. I tried to remove some of the string and guitar layers to create space for the vocals and the rhythm. And I did all of his into a quite short timeframe, so I can now hear some things I wish I had time to do better, but hey.... Chill!

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